A downloadable asset pack

This is a collection of 3D Models, Shaders, Materials, etc. that I created for a now-abandoned game I was working on called "Strung By Three". There are environment and character models, several materials and shaders, and skyboxes. The theme of the game is sci-fi/space so expect to see colorful futuristic-looking assets.

The Shadergraph Shaders and Materials are compatible/tested with Unity 2019.4.9, and the 3D models are .fbx files so they should work in most 3D programs.


  • 19 3D Models (.fbx)
    • 3 Trees
    • 4 Rocks
  • 15+ Shadergraph Shaders (Compatible with Unity URP)
  • Materials for each model + 4 additional materials

The .zip file contains everything: the raw .fbx models, the shadergraph files compatible with Unity, and the Unity package with all the assets included for URP

The Unity package itself is also a separate download if you want to directly integrate the assets into a Unity project.

Shoutout to Jannik Boysen for their great tutorial on a URP Shadergraph Skybox: https://jannikboysen.de/reaching-for-the-stars/

You may use these assets for non-commercial and commercial projects including games, cinematics, videos, etc. They can be modified as you please to fit your project. Credit is not required but appreciated (and I would love to see how others use them to make cool stuff :D). You may not redistribute these assets free or paid as your own. Feel free to leave a comment or message me if this is unclear or if you have any questions. Thanks!


SciFiAssetFull.zip 6 MB
SciFiAssetsUnityPackage.unitypackage 3 MB


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I wish some of this Unity cyber stuff was presented for Unreal.