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I love your YouTube channel, and this game is pretty good too. Keep up the good work bro! 


Thanks Pigster, I appreciate it!


Few things. The I like the style, and the atmosphere. I do have a few questions. Is there anything planned to meld the theme of forgiveness with the gameplay other than talking to people and making a judgement call?

Maybe it'd change the player in someway or make change the outlook of other characters, stuff like that.

I know that this's a very early prototype, so maybe I'm dead wrong about all of that. Keep on going.

Here are minor issues I found

-Can still move in dialog

-Invisible walls

Sincerely, Michael Taylor

I really appreciate the feedback Michael thank you! I would like to incorporate forgiveness more, like having players do different actions other than talking. And I will check out those issues. Thanks!


No problem. Always happy to help.