Project Forgiveness is a 2D story game themed around forgiveness. To better understand our own struggles, Project Forgiveness guides you through the life of others where you try to learn to forgive those who wronged you and move forward.


WSAD Movement

E to Interact

Enter to Progress Dialouge

Arrow Keys/Mouse to select dialogue options

This is a demo release for Project Forgiveness. It only contains 1 level. I am halting future development at the moment, but am going to start work on a new project.

For more details, check out my devlogs on my Youtube Channel:


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I love your YouTube channel, and this game is pretty good too. Keep up the good work bro! 


Thanks Pigster, I appreciate it!


Few things. The I like the style, and the atmosphere. I do have a few questions. Is there anything planned to meld the theme of forgiveness with the gameplay other than talking to people and making a judgement call?

Maybe it'd change the player in someway or make change the outlook of other characters, stuff like that.

I know that this's a very early prototype, so maybe I'm dead wrong about all of that. Keep on going.

Here are minor issues I found

-Can still move in dialog

-Invisible walls

Sincerely, Michael Taylor

I really appreciate the feedback Michael thank you! I would like to incorporate forgiveness more, like having players do different actions other than talking. And I will check out those issues. Thanks!


No problem. Always happy to help.