"Decay Decake" is my entry to the Ultimate Game Jam, hosted by Mattabulous and Zyger! This game was made in 1 Week! (3-13-20 to 3-20-20)

You can see the development on my Youtube Channel!

Your goal: Race to get the cake, before the world around you decays!

The tiles are randomly generated so you may get lucky/unlucky ;D


WSAD or Arrow Keys to Move

Space to Jump

Green Tiles make you faster

Red Tiles make you slower

Presents block your path


DesktopBuild_v2.zip 23 MB


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You're not wrong with the completely random flooring! :'D Didn't think i would complete but got there in the end! Good little game, great fun and slightly chilling haha! Game play starts at 3:11 if interested :)


Haha awesome, thanks so much for playing! The video was great! Should have made it more clear that you jump, so it would have been a little easier for you :D


Haha that was fun! ...and terrifying


Thanks Sam :D Appreciate you playing!